Freelance content creator and writer.

Hi there! I’m Charlene Smith, an individual Freelance Content Creator and Writer, specialising in personal statements, original and compelling blog editorials, webcopy and individual advertising.

My aim is to help you - to fulfil your ambitions, achieve your goals and help you on your quest of growing your business, brand, and much more.


Whether that means helping you apply for University, improving the quality of your web content to increase your audience engagement, or assisting you on your own personal journey, i will happily work together with you to create the perfect tone and style.

Through engaging text, proof and copy, i will aid you in making your thoughts a reality.

I have a passion for words and finding the perfect flow, and an instinctive ‘feel’ for people.

I want to share this knowledge, skills and enthusiasm with you, to help you grab amazing opportunities and to find or perfect your niche. I have a real desire to help people and develop a connection with you as my client. I have a high capacity to adapt my writing style to different client requirements in a informative and conversational manner.

Through this, you can be assured you will receive high quality, creative, and engaging content.


Services & Pricing


  • Freelance Blog Content & Article Writing

  • Proofreading and Editing

  • Webcopy

  • Cover Letters, Personal Statements and CVs

  • Brand Naming and Creation

  • Translate English from Audio and Video

  • Letter Writing

  • Dating Profiles, Air BnB Profiles

  • High Impact About Us Page

Here is what the process looks like with me:


I strongly believe that the best results come when the work is creative and collaborative.

1. REACH OUT: You say Hi! Drop me a message using my contact form, with a rough outline of what services you require, your wants and needs, and any other information and I’ll get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

2. LET’S GET TO WORK!: We establish a project outline I will send you a client questionnaire, which you can use to tell me what you are expecting and hoping to achieve from using my services. We can dig into every detail if you wish, as they say, the magic is in the details! This will ensure that the end product is exactly as you envisioned.

3. CONFIRMATION: We confirm the timeframe and project fee After this, i will provide you with a tailored quote, and if we’re both happy, we can take it from there! I then will begin the creation of your project/product, and deliver to you within the specified timeframe.



Please note that the pricing can vary depending on a number of variables (complexity, depth, research, the number of revisions etc).

All services below can be pushed forward to a 24hour deadline, and figures such as word sizing can be adjusted.

Keep in mind that the below figures are rough estimates, and the final project fee is calculated based on an estimate of the time required (total number of days or hours, as above), established PRIOR to beginning the work. Please get in touch with me if you require any other service.

  • Engaging & 100% original 600 word blog/article of your choice. £45
  • 30 minutes English Transcript from Audio/Video. £30
  • Proofreading. £25 for 1000 words
  • Well constructed CV. £70
  • High Impact ‘About Us’ page, 300-400 words. £30
  • Business Letter/Email/Marketing Mail Sheet, 300 words. £30
  • One page of webcopy, 500 words. £45
  • Improve your Air BnB/Product Listing. £30
  • Brand name and Creation. £75
  • Online Dating Profile, 250 words. £40
  • Niche Online Dating Profile, 1200 words. £175
  • Beta Test Novels with critical feedback. Please email for price


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